Couples Counselling

Make your relationship the best it can possibly be now and for the future.

With work, families and life there is often just not that valuable space to allocate towards the many issues that couples often face in their relationship. It is my belief that relationships are crucially important and without close and secure connections with others, we as human beings cannot thrive in everyday life. Disruption of such connections is the reason we feel emotional pain and suffering. If you are feeling this way, I want to help you and your partner heal, grow and change your life and your relationship.


What is Couples

Couples counselling is about exploring new and more satisfying ways of interacting with your partner. The goal of therapy is to help you enhance, expand and experience a deeper connection with your partner and others. That connection is the key to physical and mental health.

By taking the time out through counselling to begin to understand what is happening between you, can often be the beginning of a new understanding of each other that had been lost along the way.  Find that connection again and revive the future of your relationship.

How do I know if I need couples counselling?

My intention as your relationship counsellor, is to help couples find a way back to a happier and better life together.  Below are a few questions that are intended to help you consider your personal situation more closely.

  1. Does everything feel difficult or complicated?
  2. Have you lost interest in your partner romantically?
  3. Are you fighting and bickering all the time
  4. Is your marriage feeling a bit ‘stale’?
  5. Are you nervous to talk about issues with your partner
  6. Do you have issues of trust.
  7. Do you have defined roles in the house for chores?


How Couples Counselling can help you

In an atmosphere of safety, openness and care, we will talk about your issues and how they are affecting your life together. Couples counselling enables both parties to feel heard in a calm environment. 

The counselling process can help you to:

  • Talk things over by actively listening not just wanting your turn to speak because you feel you are not being heard.

  • Try to see where your partner is coming from by understanding the reasons behind their thoughts and opinions. This could be factors such as cultural issues, differences in your backgrounds, educational differences or the influences of others.

  • Find a common ground by focusing on the positives in your relationship and working from there to discover a way forward.

  • Acknowledge that your partner could be right at times. Sometimes it becomes a matter of pride that prevents finding a solution to the issue.

  • Know your boundaries by fully understanding the differences you are having and your fundamental beliefs. Knowing when a compromise is unlikely and how this will affect your future.

What to expect

Each couple is unique in their connection, their strengths, weaknesses, passions, interests, work and life in general. Therefore my approach to each couple is collaborative. There are always two sides to every story and my goal is to establish a harmonious working relationship, acknowledging the very delicate and sensitive nature of the time together. Each partner will have their own individual time to discuss what has bought them to counselling.

The first session

The duration of the session will be for 60 minutes and together we will identify the issues you are having and formulate a way forward.  The amount of sessions required are varied and I can guide you on this.  It is ultimately your choice as to how you would like to proceed with the sessions.

Want to come on your own?

It is not uncommon for people to come to counselling to talk about their relationship problems on their own. As part of the couples counselling I often meet each individual separately to provide a feeling of comfort and ensure the effectiveness of the couples work together.