Issues with couples, whether it be long or short term, married or in a relationship, can become problematic when you find that you seem to be going around in circles and never solving the things that are important to you. You seem to always end up at the same place that you did the last time you had this disagreement. 

The counselling process helps you to:

  • Talk things over by actively listening not just wanting your turn to speak because you feel you are not being heard.
  • Try to see where your partner is coming from by understanding the reasons behind their opinion. This could be factors such as cultural issues, differences in your backgrounds, educational differences or the influences of others.
  • Find a common ground by focusing on the positives in your relationship and working from there to discover a way forward.
  • Acknowledge that your partner could be right at times. Sometimes it becomes a matter of pride that prevents finding a solution to the issue.
  • Know your boundaries by fully understanding the differences you are having and your fundamental beliefs. Knowing when a compromise is unlikely and how this will affect your future.

It is not uncommon for people to come to counselling to talk about their relationship problems on their own. It is often something that you are not willing to share with your family or friends. It could be doubts that you are having and the anxiety that this causes.

Couples counselling is usually 60 minutes in duration. All our counsellors are qualified relationship specialists. Both counsellor and client can decide if further sessions are necessary.